The keywords that inspired the project – keywords that left an imprint in the period starting from the symbolic birth of Europe up to the first political elections of the European Parliament – are WALLS, as real and ideological walls that caused political, cultural and habits divisions; INTEGRATION, considered as a long way in the direction of an inclusive Europe; BUILDING, considered as a developing process. 
Along this “ideal path” three events will take place. These events within 18 months will directly engaged 2000 citizens of 6 countries that represent old and new Europe, such as Italy, Spain, Ireland, Germany, Lithuania and Hungary.  
The first happening will be Walls, Images and memories beyond the war. It will focus on the divisions of Europe between the two blocs through a photographic collective exhibit. The contents of this exhibit will be gathered among the 6 engaged countries and will be contained in a traveling exhibition composed by 40 selected images. This exhibition will be presented in Italy, Germany, Ireland and Spain. The collected material will merge in an APP dedicated to the exhibition and will be freely downloading from the project website. 
Seminars, workshops and contents will be in lieu the activities promoted for the second event, titled Integration: memory, tales and images in a comparison between old and new generations of European people. These activities will be conducted in the engaged countries to narrate to new generations the cold war and the birth of the two blocs, the develop of the Western European economic systems and the consumer society and the launch of the European integration process at first from an economic point of view and in the future from a political and social point of view. The young people will be active protagonists of these activities and will be incited to a reflection on the effects of “divisions” and on the current European unification process. 
Finally, there will be Images of Europe, the third event, with two international occurrences that will induce teachers, experts in the field and citizens to reflect on the future of Europe.