Luisa Gianfelici was born in 1973 at Treia (MC), Italy. In 1997, she graduated with honors in Decorative Arts at the School of Fine Arts of Macerata.  She currently works as a freelance professional in the field of Applied Arts and of restoration. From 2000 to the current Academic Year, she has also worked as a laboratory technician for the Department of Painting Techniques at the the School of Fine Arts of Macerata and at the branch of the IRM (Marche Restoration Institute) of Montecassiano (Mc). The love for art andcreativity transforms into an incessant will to update and knowledge about techniques and forms of expression, not only relative to painting, but also relative to handling, to craftsmanship production and to illustration materials for children. She strongly believes in the educational Art and in teamwork, as a stimulus for new ideas and projects, thus adding to her own CV experiences as a graphic designer and as responsible of exhibitions setting up for voluntary and cultural associations. She regularly participates incollective art in exhibition spaces, in galleries, but also in natural environments with interventions of Land Art. She has recently joined the Observatory gender Association and founded together with two artists colleagues an art collective, the SpazioEcoArt.