Professor at the Oviedo University. Responsible for the Oral Fonts Archive for the Social History of Asturias. His research lines focus on working cultures, labour unionism, social conflictiveness and de-industrialization processes. The results can be found on several books and over fifty conference papers and articles in specialized books and reviews. He also has taken part in the project “Voces del pasado. Testimonios orales de la violencia política y la represión” and he's been responsible for the R+D+i projects ‘Archivo de Fuentes Orales para la Historia Social de Asturias’ and ‘Culturas del trabajo en Asturias’, which seek to collect the memories of the life and working conditions along the XXth century. Recently he has edited El movimiento obrero en Asturias durante el franquismo (2013), Astilleros en el Arco Atlántico. Trabajo, Historia y Patrimonio (2013)and Trabalhadores e Ditaduras. Brasil, Espanha e Portugal (2014). Nowadays he belongs to the international project ‘In the Same Boat? Shipbuilding and ship repair workers around the World (1950-2010)’ and promotes the exhibitions Working Worlds (2014) and Coal Women (2015).