Massimiliano Livi studied in Perugia, Florence and Münster. After his PhD in political socilogy (Münster) and History (Florence) became senior Lecturer for modern italian History and Culture in the Department of History, University of Münster and head of project in the "Cluster of Excellence Religion and Politics", University of Münster. His main research areas are: Political history and cultural history of the 20th-century Italy, Religion and Politics, Gender history, cultural history and social history of the 20th-century Europe, National Socialism and Models and methods of spreading historical information on the internet. His recent publications include: with Thomas Großbölting and Carlo Spagnolo (editors), L'avvio della società liquida? Il Mulino: Bologna 2014 and Führerinnen del Terzo Reich. Nascita, sviluppo, funzione e struttura dell'élite politica femminile nazionalsocialista (1918-1939), Monsenstein und Vannerdat: Münster 2012.