Since its foundation (in 2011) the Osservatorio di Genere, the ODG, (Gender Observatory) has been dealing with topics about gender. The objectives of the ODG are not only to create research and study trajectories on gender and its interpretation, but they are also to find possible forms of impact in the appreciation of equal opportunity rights in the cultural, social, political and working perspectives. The usual source of finance of the ODG is represented by the shares of private people, as members of the association. Indeed, another source of finance of the organization is represented by public fundings by local entities and authorities for the realization of actions of public interest. On its organizational structure, it is a not for profit organization.
The team of the Gender Observatory (ODG) is composed by scholars and young researchers, engaged in scientific research from many years. The chief disciplines of analysis are sociology, history, anthropology and communication and languages sciences. In the studies and in the researches achieved, the perspective of gender, that is used as a category of analysis, represents an across-the-board element. The ODG during these years has assembled a rich network of professional relationships and rapports at a national and international level. Italian and international universities, research institutes, union and professional entities, social and cultural associations represent privileged partners. The ODG is associated to the UNAR and it is a member of the Consiglio delle Donne (Council of Women) of the Municipality of Macerata.

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