SUATEA (Sindicatu Unitariu y Autónomu de Trabayadores de la Enseñanza d'Asturies) is a teacher’s union born in Asturies in 1977 as the result of an asambleary movement led towards dictatorship’s last years, Ii’s an organization of all public school levels’ trainers teaching students from 3 to 18 years old. SUATEA is nowadays the strongest union in education field having won 3 times in a row the elections, last one in 2014.
As a member part of Confederación de Sindicatos de Trabajadores de la Enseñanza (STEs) and throughout it Education International, SUATEA is an union known by its compromise to and for being an always defender of public school, equality of rights for women, dignity for all trainers including precary ones and its defense of asturian language.

For more informations visit the official website SUATEA.